PTSD Treatment

At Sage Counselling in Collingwood, Ontario, Katherine can offer help and support if you are coping with post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD treatment aims to reduce your reaction to the memories of frightening or disorienting experiences. You can learn to work with the unexpected and unwanted memories that continue to affect you today.

Your trauma may have begun with an experience of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Or another act of violence, whether it was intentional or accidental, may be the source of the problem. As you struggle to “get over” the experience, further problems can complicate your recovery, such as increased anxiety, panic attacks, depression or relationship problems.

If you have experienced a trauma, you will understand the ongoing ripple effect of the experience on your life. Right now, you may still be feeling the immediate effect of shock and fear. Or you may have been trying to cope with long-term ongoing anxiety and fear of being triggered back into the memory. The experience may be fresh in your mind or feel like a dream or memory. 

Katherine has training and experience in PTSD treatment and can offer you informed and compassionate counseling sessions. In sessions that are designed to feel safe and compassionate, Katherine will work with you to lessen your reactions to the trauma and bring about a greater sense of calm and control in your life.

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Therapy approaches that may be used in PTSD treatment include:
-    Trauma informed cognitive behavioural therapy
-    Mindfulness based stress reduction
-    Compassion-focused therapies
-    Attachment-based therapies, including emotionally-focused individual therapy
-    Strategizing for social and institutional support
-    Narrative therapy
-    Depth psychology and existential approaches