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Individual Therapy


During individual counselling, I can help you discover how your coping strategies from the past continue to impact your life and relationships. This process can help you bring about real change in how you approach your life, as well as decreased anxiety and depression. As always, the goal is to help you find the confidence and capacity to make the changes you want.



Anxiety can give us the feeling that we are not quite safe, even when we know there is no real danger. Our pounding hearts and sweaty palms may seem impossible to control, despite all the ways we try to cope. We may fear we are being judged, that everyone can see our nervousness and that we will never find a way to finally just relax.



Depression is a different kind of experience. We may no longer care what others think of us. We may feel numb or grief-stricken, rather than anxious. We often see ourselves and the world around us in a negative, hopeless manner.


My holistic approach to anxiety and depression involves a deep exploration of the thoughts and feelings behind our emotional and behaviour patterns. I have extensive experience in mindfulness practices and working with the intense physical reactions that cause us to believe we are under threat.


My goal is to help you develop a greater sense of feeling calm and relaxed; free to interact with others in a more joyful, trusting way.


Trauma and PTSD

​The ongoing effects of past trauma can be deeply devastating. Physical, sexual or emotional abuse can leave us feeling that we are somehow broken. As we struggle to “get over” the experience, we may end up with further complications, such as anxiety, panic, depression, addiction and relationship problems.


My approach is based on the belief that we are not broken, only wounded. We can heal and learn to live with more freedom and confidence. With skill and patience, you can discover how to lessen your reactions to old wounds, even the most painful ones, and bring about a greater sense of calm and control in your life.

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