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Couples Counselling


Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples can help you understand each other’s greatest fears and longings, which can lead to more compassionate and helpful ways of interacting with each other.


The effectiveness of EFT has been validated with over 30 years of scientific research. Studies show that more than 73 percent of EFT couples report recovery from their most difficult issues, compared to a 35 percent recovery rate from more traditional couples therapy. Additionally, 90 percent of those “recovered” EFT couples reported significant relationship improvement.


Couples often come to EFT to work on the root causes of their relationship problems. An EFT course of therapy typically runs between 8 - 16 weeks, depending on the couple and their relationship issues. The work is both challenging and deeply rewarding.


Relationship Betrayal

Partners who have been betrayed by sexual infidelity often suffer a degree of post-traumatic stress symptoms. For the one who has been betrayed, it can feel as if the centre of their life, their committed relationship, has become fearful and threatening.


Infidelity and betrayal are deeply distressing and traumatic experiences. Even when the betrayed partner wants to stay in the relationship, it may feel as if they are walking through a minefield of emotion.


The betrayer may be deeply sorry, distressed and confused about what to say or do next. It can be hard to know how to interact with their partner without causing further harm.


To work with betrayal trauma, I use a structured EFT approach that understands and respects the wide range of emotions within the experience. I also draw upon my training under Dr. Kevin Skinner, a world leader and authority on infidelity and trauma from sexual betrayal, as well as pornography addiction and sexually compulsive behaviour.


Although the work is difficult, I have supported many couples as they heal from their deep wounds. I have seen them discover greater understanding and compassion for themselves, each other and their relationship. 

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