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Depression Help

Depression can be a lonely, numb, hopeless and sometimes frightening, state of mind. At Sage Counselling in Collingwood, Ontario, depression help is always approached in a calm, reassuring and respectful manner.

Depression has a range of symptoms. You might be feeling somewhat sad and disengaged and wish you could feel happier in your life. Or you could be feeling so sad, isolated and disconnected that you are unable to work or interact with others. A key to treating depression is to understand that it is a symptom of larger issues.

By seeking depression help, you have begun the journey of discovering new ways to understand and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Katherine at Sage Counselling will be honoured to work with you as explore a new sense of purpose, meaning and happiness in your life.

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Approaches that may be used for treating depression include:
-    Mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (MBCBT)
-    Narrative therapy
-    Depth psychology and existential approaches
-    Emotionally focused individual therapy
-    Spiritual exploration



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