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Couples Therapy

Modern love is complicated and full of contradictions. We want security but we are afraid to show our vulnerability. We want independence but crave comfort. We want to be understood but we often wonder even understand ourselves. 

Children, finances, extended families, changing sexuality, infidelity, addictions, mental health issues and many more complications can further challenge your relationship.

At Sage Counselling, Katherine can provide skilled and experienced help in working through your past problems and working towards a healthier, happier relationship. She offers a non-judgmental, inclusive and welcoming space to explore your relationship challenges and the opportunities for change and growth.

Katherine has specialized training and experience in working with couples, including those who are suffering deeply or who feel the relationship is over. Although you may be feeling anger, grief, despair or full disconnection from your partner, there is always a way forward.

Katherine works mainly within the framework of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), a therapy model with impressive results. Through your work in the couples therapy, you may discover the real sources of pain in your partnership, rediscover the love you thought you lost, and build your own unique path forward. This couples therapy is usually based on eight or ten weekly sessions, with suggested exercises and activities between meetings.

To treat the trauma experienced around infidelity, sex or pornography addiction, Katherine uses the highly acclaimed approach of Dr. Kevin Skinner and the ADDO therapy network for sexual betrayal and recovery.

To take a step forward in your relationship, feel free to contact Sage Counselling for an appointment or consultation.

Therapy approaches that may be used in include:
-    Emotionally-focused couples therapy
-    Trauma- focused therapies
-    Compassion-based therapy
-    Motivational interviewing
-    Value and behavioural therapy



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