Services at Sage Counselling

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With my background in compassion and mindfulness based approaches, emotionally - focused therapy and trauma treatment, I offer my clients a wide range of training and experience. I welcome clients who want to heal and manage their ongoing anxiety and panic attacks, depression, grief and life transitions, including separation, divorce, illness and aging. I have specialized training in relationship counselling, betrayal, addictions, family therapy and spiritual exploration. It's truly a joy and privilege to support others to better understand their issues and make the changes they want in their lives.

Anxiety Treatment

Chronic anxiety can give us the feeling we are not quite safe, not quite connected to others. I take a holistic approach to anxiety treatment, offering guidance in challenging that feeling of separation and reconnecting with others in a confident, authentic way. My goal is to help you develop a greater sense of calm, safety and belonging.

Couples Therapy

I hold advanced training and experience in working with couples, ranging from those in crisis to those who want to reconnect in a more meaningful way. My speciality is Emotionally Focused Therapy, a cutting-edge, highly-effective approach to healing relationships, with a reported 70 - 73 percent recovery rate from relationship difficulties, with 90 percent of couples reporting "significant" improvement. EFT focuses on understanding and avoiding the painful emotions and patterns in your relationship, and become more compassionate, loving, and supportive partners once again.


In treating your depression, my goal is to help you find a renewed sense of purpose, meaning and happiness in your life. Feel free to reach out and take that first step towards regaining the life you want.

Grief Counselling

The painful experience of grief is different for everyone. Although the journey is so difficult, a guide along the way can make all the difference. My goal is to support you in taking your unique steps towards greater peace and healing.

PTSD Treatment

If you have experienced a trauma, you understand the ongoing effect it can have on your life. Whether your trauma is recent or in the past, I offer informed, experienced and compassionate therapy at Sage Counselling. I also have specialized training in working with the unique challenges of first responders. 


At Sage Counselling Services in Waterloo, Ontario, I offer compassionate therapy for individuals, couples and families. A free 15-minute consultation is available, upon request.