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Grief Counseling

Grief can be an overwhelming experience at any time in life. Someone or something that was so important to you may now be gone or changed beyond recognition. It is hard to accept such a painful loss. Yet, without some acceptance, there can be no escape from the pain.

How can you accept what is unacceptable? At Sage Counselling, Katherine can help you navigate that troubled landscape. The journey will require you to face the pain and sadness that fills your life now. There is hope, however. Eventually, a new peace and understanding can emerge.

Many others have walked the path of trying to overcome their grief and loss. The experience is different and difficult for everyone, but a guide along the way can make all the difference.

Whenever you are ready to begin that journey, feel free to call Katherine at Sage Counselling in Collingwood, ON.

Therapies that may be used include:
-    Compassion-focused therapies
-    Depth psychology and existential approaches
-    Mindfulness therapies, such as mindfulness-based stress reduction
-    Narrative therapy
-    Emotionally focused individual therapy
-    Spiritual exploration



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